Ukrainian Jews

Ukrainian Jews Protest Statements by Russian MFA

The Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation Mikhail Bogdanov has attempted to find support among Russian Jewish organizations, claiming that Ukrainian Jews need the kind of support mentioned above. However, a resolution has been adopted at the session of the World Jewish Congress Executive Committee that took place two weeks ago in Paris, which read: “The WJC Executive Committee [...] recognizes the new Ukrainian government’s assurances and actions, that Jews and Jewish life in Ukraine will be protected,” and “urges all governments, media and non-governmental organizations and their representatives not to cause this complex situation to deteriorate by making unfounded accusations, or giving exaggerated accounts, of the situation of the Ukrainian Jewish population.” Representatives of Jewish communities around the world voted for this resolution, including the Russian delegation.

Ukrainian Jews Celebrate Passover Amid Crisis

Jews around the world are celebrating the beginning of Passover tonight. The holiday commemorates the exodus from slavery into freedom. For Jews in Ukraine, the holiday has an especially powerful meaning this year, coming on the heels of a secular revolution. NPR’s Ari Shapiro reports for Here & Now from Donetsk

Ukrainian Jews have written a letter accusing Russian President Vladimir Putin

Josef Zisels, chairman of the Association of Jewish Communities and Organizations of Ukraine (VAAD), and several other prominent Ukrainian Jews have written a letter accusing Russian President Vladimir Putin of exaggerating the plight of Russian-speaking citizens (including Jews) under the newly established Ukrainian government, as well as exaggerating the need to protect those citizens as an excuse for an armed incursion into Crimea.

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