Charity campaign Hope4Hanukkah took place in Ukraine for the fifth time

Hanukkah is the festival of victory of light over darkness. The celebration of hope’s greatness in times of despair. Every year in UUJS and ACF 2U we strive to bring light and hope into the homes and hearts.   

Ukrainian Jews Protest Statements by Russian MFA

The Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation Mikhail Bogdanov has attempted to find support among Russian Jewish organizations, claiming that Ukrainian Jews need the kind of support mentioned above. However, a resolution has been adopted at the session of the World Jewish Congress Executive Committee that took place two weeks ago in Paris, which read: “The WJC Executive Committee [...] recognizes the new Ukrainian government’s assurances and actions, that Jews and Jewish life in Ukraine will be protected,” and “urges all governments, media and non-governmental organizations and their representatives not to cause this complex situation to deteriorate by making unfounded accusations, or giving exaggerated accounts, of the situation of the Ukrainian Jewish population.” Representatives of Jewish communities around the world voted for this resolution, including the Russian delegation.

Ukrainian Jews have written a letter accusing Russian President Vladimir Putin

Josef Zisels, chairman of the Association of Jewish Communities and Organizations of Ukraine (VAAD), and several other prominent Ukrainian Jews have written a letter accusing Russian President Vladimir Putin of exaggerating the plight of Russian-speaking citizens (including Jews) under the newly established Ukrainian government, as well as exaggerating the need to protect those citizens as an excuse for an armed incursion into Crimea.

Alexander Roitburd: If we don't win, Ukraine will leave the civilization's realm altogether

Up until recently, artist Alexander Roitburd has continually been on Maidan. He is one of the first well-known and influential people who supported EuroMaidan and did it publicly.

On November 21st, Roitburd wrote on his Facebook, "Well, here's what. I understand that not much can be done about what happened, but I'm getting a cab and going to Maidan. So that I could look myself in the eye with clear conscience when I'm looking in the mirror. Whoever wants to see me – come by. Maybe things can still be remedied."

'It was worth living in this country to experience Maidan'

Wearing a kasket cap instead of a kippah in public is a typical Jewish look – this young man could pass as a teacher of national-religious yeshiva, and yet – he is one of the key people in a complex defense system of Maidan and the barricades on Hrushevskoho Street. For understandable reasons, he has asked to remain anonymous in the interview, but remained candid in all other aspects. 

Dr. Vladimir Melamed: We can say, in the time of trials the Jews are on the side of free and democratic Ukraine

 Ukrainians like Jews want to live in the country of their own where they can freely speak Ukrainian language, where they can make a European choice and ultimately in the country that will no longer be under the Russian dictate.

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