VAAD of Ukraine Made a Statement on the Occasion of Another Terrorist Aggression against the State of Israel



On Shabbat, May 4, at least 250 rockets were fired from the Gaza Strip at the territory of Israel (430 - until Sunday morning). Many were overtaken by the Iron Dome system,

even more fell in desert areas but some blew up in the towns and villages in the south of the country. One person died; over 40 Israelis were taken

 to hospitals for medical assistance. Residents of Ashkelon, Kiryat Gata, Sderot and some other populated localities suffered injuries.


In response, IDF launched a number of pinpoint blows on the military objects of the HAMAS and Islamic Jihad terror groups in the Gaza Strip.

 Limited mobilization of reservists has begun.


The Vaad of Ukraine is outraged with the fresh escalation of the conflict, responsibility for which lies squarely on the de-facto authorities of the Gaza Strip. 

Terrorist aggression against the State of Israel, expressed in these mass bombings of its populated areas and objects of civil infrastructure from indiscriminate weapons, has and can have no justification.


The Vaad of Ukraine expresses support to the resolute actions of the State of Israel. Authorities of the Gaza Strip must realize the unacceptability of any terror attacks against the Israeli territory.


The Vaad of Ukraine urges the Ukrainian government, governments of other countries and international organizations to support Israel at this difficult time.

The Jewish state has an undeniable right to self-defense. Solidarity in the face of terrorist aggression should become a uniting factor for the whole civilized international community.


Andrey Adamovsky

Josef Zisels

Co-Presidents of the Vaad of Ukraine