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Студия "Лимонад" он-лайн

Программа работы студии включает проведение он-лайн лекций, презентаций, концертов и интервью.
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Vaad of Ukraine is now on Telegram!

In addition to Facebook, the newsletter and the Youtube channel, we have appeared on Telegram!
Now you will be aware of all the events taking place in the Jewish life of Ukraine: exhibitions, the development of Vaad projects in Ukraine and partnership projects, Israeli-Ukrainian cooperation, you will be able to find interviews and unique news even faster in our Exclusive Vaad section, as well as follow every updated month monitoring of anti-Semitism.
Association of Jewish Communities and Organizations of Ukraine (Vaad of Ukraine), established in 1991.
The organization is invariably led by a dissident, human rights activist, Jewish and Ukrainian world leader, Mr. Josef Zissels.
The main goal of the Vaad of Ukraine is the creation, strengthening and unification of structures whose activities are aimed at the national revival and strengthening of ties between Jewish organizations, as well as between the Jewish community and non-Jewish structures.
The association is represented in the World Jewish Congress and the World Zionist Organization.
Vaad of Ukraine is a co-founder of the Congress of National Communities of Ukraine, the Jewish Confederation of Ukraine, the Kiev office of the Euro-Asian Jewish Congress, the Zionist Federation of Ukraine and many others.
We invite you to cooperation and joint activities.

Co-Presidents of the VAAD of Ukraine
Andrey Adamovsky
Josef Zissels