Ваад України та НаУКМА (кафедра історії)

Магістерська програма з юдаїки оголошує набір на 2021 – 2023 н.р.

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Ваад України, НаУКМА (кафедра історії), ТНУ

Міждисциплінарна сертифікатна програма з юдаїки оголошує набір на 2021/2022/2023 н.р.

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Громадські активісти вимагають від влади презентувати саме український проєкт
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The composition of the Ukrainian delegation to the 38th World Zionist Congress has been formed

The 38th World Zionist Congress will be held in Jerusalem in October 2020. For the second time in the history of independence of our country, a delegation from Ukraine will be represented at the Congress on equal rights with other participating countries.

Since mid-2019, the Zionist Federation of Ukraine has been actively preparing for the democratic elections of delegates, but the electoral process was prevented by the coronavirus epidemic, which did not allow the electoral process to be held to the extent required.

In 2015, Ukraine had 7 delegate mandates, but changes in the Constitution and the rules of the WZO, which came into force in 2019, did not allow our country to retain all delegate seats.

Despite two claims to the Zionist court and the active assistance of the federation partners, the Ukrainian delegation has only five mandates left.

According to the agreement reached between the movements on August 20, 2020, Ukraine will be represented at the 38th World Zionist Congress by:

Olexander Gaidar, Arzenu,

Reuven Stamov, Merkaz,

Mykhailo Tkach, World Likud Movement,

Alisa Rostovtseva, World Confederation of United Zionists,

Mykola Fayengold, World Beytenu Movement.

Currently, the Executive Directorate of the Zionist Federation of Ukraine continues to actively work on the development of programs and projects of the federation, the main activity direction of which is educational.  

Executive Director of the ZFU Elena Zaslavskaya notes:

We were completely ready to hold democratic elections of delegates to the Congress, but the epidemic did not allow us to do so.

The fact is that the average age of members of the Jewish community is more than 50 years, many of them are not familiar with Internet technologies, so a vote by mail was provided for them. And it would be imprudent to invite older people to the post office and put them in danger.

At the same time, the development team created a unique system for holding electronic voting, which we plan not to close, but to use in our projects.

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